[Oisf-users] Netmap documentation

Oliver Humpage oliver at watershed.co.uk
Thu Jul 2 16:28:32 UTC 2015

Hello (again!),

I've just noticed netmap support is in 2.1beta4. Happy days. Might be a means of escape from the ipfw/divert problems.

Looking at the sample config in the yaml, I can't quite work out how to run it when I've got several interfaces and an IGP daemon on a box for routing: it looks like for IPS mode you need to pair up incoming and outgoing ifaces (interface:packet-comes-in, copy-mode:ips, copy-iface:where-the-packet's-going).

Is there any documentation apart from wading through https://github.com/inliniac/suricata/commit/10104066e17a59769467cc5350eac59ee37404f1 to see how it works? Perhaps I can reinject all packets on lo0 and let the routing table do the rest?



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