[Oisf-users] Suricata 2.0.10 stable packages are now available on Ubuntu PPA (Launchpad)

Peter Manev peter.manev at openinfosecfoundation.org
Thu Nov 26 21:28:25 UTC 2015

Hi ,

 Suricata 2.0.10 stable packages are now available for Ubuntu on Ubuntu PPA

   - 12.04 Precise
   - 14.04 Trusty
   - 15.04 Vivid
   - 15.10 Wily
   - 16.04 Xenial

 32 and 64 bit packages available.

The packages are build-in with:

   - *IPS (nfqueue) *
*All JSON output
   - *GeoIP*
   - *Unix-Socket*
   - *Lua scripting*
   - *NSS(MD5)  enabled*

By community request there is also available "suricata-dbg" (Suricata with
enabled debug features) package ready to use out of the box install:
"sudo apt-get install suricata-dbg".

Suricata 2.0.10 stable is available from our *suricata-stable*  PPA
More about Suricata 2.0.10 features and bug fixes:

How to:

Thank you

Peter Manev
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