[Oisf-users] decoder.invalid count

Spransy, Derek dsprans at emory.edu
Mon Nov 23 19:09:34 UTC 2015

Thanks Julien, that's very useful information. What I found is that we're matching "SURICATA IPv4 truncated packet" over and over again. When I take a look at the packets in question I see that the length field is set to 05 F1 (1521), which doesn't match the actual length of the packets at all. So now I have to talk to our network folks to find out what's going on there.

When the decoder detects this situation is the packet/stream subsequently discarded, or does processing of the packet continue?
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On 23-11-15 16:30, Spransy, Derek wrote:
> I'm troubleshooting a very high decoder.invalid count on my sensor;
> nearly 35%. My kernel drop count is less than 1% and we seem to be
> generating about the number of alerts that I would expect. I'm not able
> to find much in the way of documentation that explains what may lead to
> a packet being marked as invalid in Suricata. The only thing I've found
> so far is advice to make sure that the interface MTU and Suricata.yaml
> MTU settings match (which they do) and ensure that the MTU is large
> enough for packets being seen on that interface (it is). I even tried to
> increase the MTU to 9026 without any difference. Can anyone point me in
> the direction of other factors that could be at work here?

All the reasons for incrementing this counter should be matchable
through the decoder-events.rules we ship. Enable this file to find out more.

Victor Julien
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