[Oisf-users] How to detect one way flows

Qinwen Hu qhu009 at aucklanduni.ac.nz
Thu Oct 8 09:34:27 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I try to use Suricata to detect one way flows in our network environment. I
have enable the flow module from eve-log. But my suricata only run 1s for
recording the flow and then stop to detect the one way flow. Does anyone
know the reason?

I also tried to define a new signature for detecting a one way flow. I
created a new signature

alert ipv6 any any -> any any (msg:"IPv6 one way flow"; flow:stateless;
sid:2900096; rev:1;)

Again, I didn't observe any IPv6 one flows. We have used another tool in
the same environment, we can detect IPv6 one way flows by using that tool.

I just wondering, how to use Suricata to detect a one way flow? Can anyone
help me on this?

Many thanks

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