[Oisf-users] LibHTP 0.5.18 Available!

Giuseppe Longo giuseppe at glongo.it
Fri Sep 25 13:25:45 UTC 2015

The OISF development team is pleased to announce LibHTP 0.5.18.
LibHTP is a security-aware parser for the HTTP protocol and the
related bits and pieces.

Get the new release here:


This is a minor bug-fix release:

- Fixed [#120] Trigger request line parsing on
incomplete request [Victor Julien]

- Fixed [#119] Fix uninitialized htp_tx_t::is_last value
in in htp_tx_res_process_body_data_ex() [Fedor Sakharov]

- Fixed [#118] Coverity-identified missing break in switch [Sam Baskinger]

- Fixed [#117] Coverity-identified issue of not checking
malloc() return value [Sam Baskinger]

- Fixed [#116] Fix coverity-identified leaked file descriptors
in unit test [Sam Baskinger]

- Fixed [#113] fix pkgconfig include dir [Eric Leblond]

- Fixed [#111] Connect plain http [Victor Julien]

- Fixed [#105] Do not invoke callbacks in htp_req_run_hook_body_data()
when there is no tx running. [Sam Baskinger]

- Fixed [#104] Modifiying HTTP methods to be rfc3253 compliant [Andreas Moe]

- Fixed [#103] Fixes [Victor Julien]

- Fixed [#101] Make including the autoconf config header safer [Brian 

Special thanks

We'd like to thank the following people for their
contributions and feedback:

- Victor Julien
- Fedor Sakharov
- Sam Baskinger
- Eric Leblond
- Andreas Moe
- Brian Rectanus

Known issues & missing features

If you encounter issues, please let us know!
for a up to date list and to report new issues.

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