[Oisf-users] Live rule swap not working?

John Daly longjohngolf at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 19:47:31 UTC 2016

Hi all,

It seems that live rule swap doesn't work in my Suricata deployment. As far
as I understand it, my suricata.log should show that the process is
reloading rules after kill -USR2 <suricata pid>, my suricata.log is empty.
Am I missing something?

[root at host1 ~]# ps aux | grep -i suricata

suri     11622  855 10.9 27780748 21623588 ?   Ssl  Apr20 85922:03 /opt/
*suricata*/bin/*suricata* --netmap=eno49 --netmap=ens3f0 -c /opt/*suricata*
/etc/*suricata*/*suricata*.yml -D

[root at host1 ~]# kill -USR2 11622

[root at host1 log]# cat suricata.log

[root at host1 log]#
I'm running Suricata 3.0, Centos 7.1, starting Suricata via systemd,
acquiring packets via Netmap.

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