[Oisf-users] Packet timestamps

Blair Steven Blair.Steven at alliedtelesis.co.nz
Mon Aug 1 08:11:39 UTC 2016


The guys on my team are working on a custom source / runmode, and have a couple of questions about the Packet timestamp for those in the know:

1) What resolution is required for the timestamp? We attempted to use gettimeofday to obtain the microsecond accuracy that the other sources use, but this had a large performance impact (the processor we are using doesn't have an accelerated gettimeofday).
2) If we were to leave the timestamp unset (everything stamped with the same zero value) what would we expect to go wrong? From what I can see log messages might be generated incorrectly, but I'm a bit nervous about long running flows that need to be tracked / timed out perhaps.

Any clues / places for us to look would be greatly appreciated

Best Regards
Blair Steven

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