[Oisf-users] af_packet, rhel7, and suricata

erik clark philosnef at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 00:26:13 UTC 2016

Does anyone have any explanation on how you can make af_packet on rhel7
function? As is, you can not do fanout in the kernel, and the shipped ixgbe
driver does not support symmetric hashing. I would be interested in knowing
who, if anyone, has actually successfully implemented af_packet in suricata
using rhel7 and its broken kernel. I hear rumor that you can somehow force
fanout to work with ethtool, but I have spent the past week trying to do
this with no success.



for reference. I would REALLY like to use af_packet, but so far I am not
seeing any chance of that without symmetric hashing.

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