[Oisf-users] SuriCon 2016 - Suricata Extreme Performance Tuning paper - release

Peter Manev petermanev at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 17:01:19 UTC 2016


This has long been promised and overdue :) after Michal Purzynski and
I did our talk during SuriCon 2016 on Suricata Extreme Performance

The paper is available here - https://github.com/pevma/SEPTun

This paper/guide release will be followed by a regular PR process for
submission to the official Suricata IDPS documentation. After and when
it is accepted/merged (hopefully early January 2017) it will be
available directly in the Suriacta docs.

All the best during the holidays ! :)

Peter Manev

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