[Oisf-users] Suricata 3.2 segmentation fault

Andreas Herz andi at geekosphere.org
Sun Dec 18 21:53:42 UTC 2016

On 17/12/16 at 23:01, Vieri wrote:
> I would like to add to my previous e-mail that I now recompiled
> Suricata as I had it originally. Everything else was left untouched
> (same config, init script, system resources, etc.). Now I can easily
> reproduce the crash each time I "reload" (kill -USR2). Here's the
> build info:

What distribution are you using?
> So the only big difference between this version that crashes and the
> debug version that doesn't is within the CFLAGS, ie.  "CFLAGS
> -ggdb -O0 -march=native" vs. "CFLAGS -O2 -march=i686 -pipe
> -march=native".

Is there a reason why ou have two march set?
It might be interesting to see if -O2 and -O0 is the real difference
between the crash and the non-crash version.

Andreas Herz

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