[Oisf-users] eve.log and event types

Vieri rentorbuy at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 28 09:09:05 UTC 2016

> From: Jason Ish <lists at unx.ca>
>> outputs.1 = eve-log
>> outputs.1.eve-log = (null)
>> outputs.1.eve-log.types = (null)
>> outputs.1.eve-log.types.0 = alert
>> outputs.1.eve-log.types.0.alert = (null)
>> outputs.1.eve-log.types.0.alert.http = no
>> outputs.1.eve-log.types.0.alert.tls = no

> You will want to comment out, or remove the types you are not interested. To just get "drop" events 

> you'll want your eve-log section to look something like:>
> outputs:
>  - eve-log:
>      enabled: yes
>      filetype: regular #regular|syslog|unix_dgram|unix_stream|redis
>      filename: eve.json
>      types:
>        - drop:
>           alerts: yes

>           flows: all

Right, but suppose I have the default yaml file which also enables other types. Is it possible to disable these types via the --set command line argument?
That's why I tried to set outputs.1.eve-log.types.0.alert.{http,tls,etc...} = no. I also tried 

outputs.1.eve-log.types.0 = 

but Suricata still logs alerts in EVE.

Is editing the yaml file the only way to do this?



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