[Oisf-users] SonicWall Global VPN Client Incompatible with Suricata Follow-up

Peter Manev petermanev at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 10:09:01 UTC 2016

On Sat, 2016-01-02 at 14:16 -0600, Leonard Jacobs wrote:
> We tried running the latest version of SonicWALL's Global VPN Client
> with no signature rules running on Suricata and get the same results.
>  VPN Phase 1 ISAKMP requests do not complete.
> Any other ideas?  SonicWALL refuses to help.  It works fine with an
> way older version of VPN Client.

Ok. It seems it is a an issue with the latest VPN client then - in that

If Suri is running (pass everything ) - do you see the
packets/connection going through (if you tcpdump it for example)? Then
you can do the same test without Suri running and see if any diff.

> Thanks.
> Leonard

Peter Manev

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