[Oisf-users] Multiple receive NFQs

Vishal Kotalwar V vishalkv at altencalsoftlabs.com
Mon May 16 14:39:26 UTC 2016

Hi All, 
I am new to suricata and trying to understand it. I know suricata can receive on multiple NFQs via -q 0 -q 1 ... -q 15. I understood the NFQRegisterQueue() part also for multiple Qs but I am not getting how ReceiveNFQThreadInit() is creating/initializing all threads/NFQs. I see only one nfq_t->nfq_index being used for NFQ creation. How are multiple NFQ created & NFQCallBack() registered for each NFQ ? 

Thanks & regards, 
Vishal V. Kotalwar 
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