[Oisf-users] 2nd Annual Suricata User Conference - Registration & Call for Speakers

David Wharton oisf at davidwharton.us
Fri May 27 16:47:54 UTC 2016

I know some of you are thinking about ideas for SuriCon presentations so
I thought I'd throw out some ideas off the top of my head of things I'd
be interested in hearing about.  I'm not planning on using any of these
so feel free to take whatever you want.  There is overlap in these ideas
but hopefully they will at least inspire someone.

*1) Robust and accurate large scale testing of rule performance on Suricata*
    - latency
    - throughput
    - engine stats
    - ruleset stats
    - statistical analysis
    - data (pcaps) used
    - tools used

*2) 10G and beyond: setting up and tweaking Suricata for high bandwidth
    - hardware requirements, including different price bands (e.g. if I
had $5K I'd do this, if I had $15K then this, etc.)
    - commodity vs specialized or custom hardware/software
    - OS / OS tweaks
    - suri tweaks
    - running inline without impacting the network
    - challenges / failures
    - ideally based on real-world experience

*3) Suricata Documentation: More important than you think*
    - past, present, and future of Suri documentation
    - the importance of documentation + vision
    - how to contribute
    - where you can contribute (areas lacking in documentation)
**4) Leveraging Lua scripting to turn Suricata into a Ninja*
    - setup/config
    - what you can/can't do
    - practical examples/war stories

*5) Don't tell my spouse I'm in love with JSON*
    - Suricata loves to output JSON
    - how to manage, use, and leverage this normalized data to get the
most out of what Suricata is giving.
    - integrating with big data solution (or medium data solution) ;)
    - examples/tools

*6) nftables changed my life and it can change yours too*
    - what it means for Suricata

*7) Zero 9's: how to achieve 100% uptime*
    - live ruleset reloads
    - how to safely be inline all the time

*8) Running Suricata Inline*
    - hardware
    - fail open/closed
    - configuration, tweaks
    - challenges, pitfalls

*9) She's all that: Suricata as a Network Security Monitor*
    - Suricata is touted as an IDS/IPS but it also has powerful NSM
    - How to configure and leverage the sundry and often underutilized
NSM features
    - big data integration and use
    - Tool for compliance? (only if you run out of things to talk about
because compliance gets boring fast)

*10) Suricata vs. Latest Threats and Challenges*
    - exploit kits
    - ransomware
    - malicious email attachments
    - encrypted C2 channels

-David Wharton

On 02/01/2016 12:33 PM, Kelley Misata wrote:
> We are excited to announce that registration for the *2nd Annual
> Suricata User Conference* is now OPEN!  This year's conference is
> being held in historic Washington, DC - November 9 - 11, 2016.
> *Registration is now OPEN <http://oisfevents.net/>* - don't wait as
> space is limited!  Plus a special discount on a 2-day Suricata
> training for conference attendees.
> *Call for Speakers is also now OPEN* - we are looking for exciting,
> dynamic, passionate speakers to share their experience and insights
> with the Suricata community.  Send us your proposals, including a bio
> about yourself, today - info at oisf.net.
> As always, sponsors are what makes this event possible - help us cover
> the cost of this community event by becoming a sponsor today!
>  */Sponsorships <http://oisfevents.net/#sponsor> as little as $250 are
> available./*
> Any questions, don't hesitate to ask... info at oisf.net.
> Thanks for your support!
> -The OISF Team

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