[Oisf-users] whitelist with timeout?

John Devine john.devine at nuspire.com
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thanks for your input. That's the path I'm going down at the moment, creating my own custom rules file. The key piece I need to know is if there is timeout functionality on the rules and where, if at all, does suricata keep track of what it has blocked. I want to be able to see an IP that was blocked by suricata, unblock it "for now" (not whitelist it entirely) but have it alert again if it generates bad traffic in the future.

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Sort of.

What you could do is create pass rules to whitelist the IPs and then
store them in a separate rules file, like 'pass.rules'.

You could then have a separate process to add/remove pass rules in this
file via cron or some other mechanism, then trigger a rule reload on the
suricata process.


On 10/12/2016 5:49 AM, John Devine wrote:
> Hi all,
> Quick question regarding suricata: is it possible to whitelist IPs with a specific timeout in suricata?
> Thanks
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