[Oisf-users] Suricata 4.0.0 - bypass/performance issue

Martin Petracek martin.petracek at nic.cz
Mon Jul 24 14:54:05 UTC 2017

I tried --disable-detection, -S /dev/null and I didn't notice any
difference (either there is no difference or it's negligible).

Neither --set stream.reassembly.raw=false did any difference (I tried to
play with this option before in config file).

The performance is still bad with these options (vanilla source).

Maybe I wasn't precise, I don't want to disable rules/detection
completely. I would like to use some rules in later stages of
development (I don't want to cut that option completely), but these
would be only for HTTP/TLS/DNS names, not for packet content.

I'm not sure what were the cases that this patch tried to address still
(what I might be missing, what's bypassed too early). I'm not sure if
it's worth that dramatic performance penalty.

Best regards
Martin Petracek

On 20.7.2017 10:32, Victor Julien wrote:
> On 20-07-17 10:26, Victor Julien wrote:
>> On 19-07-17 17:27, Martin Petracek wrote:
>>> Oh, I should also mention that I'm using suricata without any rules,
>>> just to perform deep-packet-inspection and get HTTP/TLS/DNS information.
>>> I'm getting these information still, even with this patch. I think the
>>> information drop could be important with some rules.
>> Are you using --disable-detection?
>> If so, could you test the vanilla source with -S /dev/null instead? I
>> think there may be a dependency on the detection engine.
> Also separately could you add this commandline option and see if it has
> any effect?
> --set stream.reassembly.raw=false
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