[Oisf-users] ET Ruleset EOL

Francis Trudeau ftrudeau at emergingthreats.net
Wed Jun 7 16:16:52 UTC 2017


Please let this email serve as official notice of Proofpoint's
intention to end of life (EOL) ETPro / ETOpen signature support for
the following:

Snort previous to 2.9.1
Suricata previous to 2.0

Support for these products will end on 2017/08/07.

On that date, both of these branches will no longer receive updates.
The last exported set will still be available on the servers, but no
changes or additions will be applied to these branches from that date

The following will be the supported versions on and after 2017/08/07:

Snort 2.9.1 and above
Suricata 2.0 and above

We will also be introducing extra metadata into some of our rules at
that time.  This metadata will include malware families, affected
products, creation and modification dates, and other data.  We also
have extended documentation in JSON format in a separate file.  We
will share more information about this prior to the cutover.

Please direct any non sensitive questions to the
emerging-sigs at emergingthreats.net list, otherwise email
ftrudeau at emergingthreats.net or tgreen at emergingthreats.net.


Francis Trudeau

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