[Oisf-users] Ransomware detection

Brad Woodberg bwoodberg at proofpoint.com
Fri Jun 30 01:33:19 UTC 2017

Hi Alexis,

There is probably hundreds of rules in ET Open for Ransomware, and probably thousands in ETPro to detect ransomware (and many many other types of malware / malicious activity.)  We typically write a rule for each unique fingerprint we can assign to a given malware/campaign/vector.  Often times, malware will trigger not only on the specific signatures, but also on other indicators of suspicious activity.

Currently, we’re releasing about 15:1 ETPro : ET Open signatures.  Any signatures submitted by the public or signatures that we write based upon public research goes into the Open ruleset which we curate/QA/package as a service to the community.  Any signatures that we develop based upon our own research / our own IP would go into ETPro (for both Snort and Suricata.)

If you have a specific question around the rules/ruleset we’ll be happy to address it.

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Subject: [Oisf-users] Ransomware detection

Hello everyone!
I want to know if there is any rule for ransomware detection in Suricata. I know that Suricata is not the more appropiate tool for that kind of malware but I was investigating how to do a rule with pcre. Anyone knows if exist a rule for that? Or a rule set which contain that? At present I am using the free version of Emerging Threats and it has a file of rules for malware but I couldn't find nothing related to ransomware.

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