[Oisf-users] REMINDER - New 2-Day Suricata Training - Denver, CO

Kelley Misata kmisata at oisf.net
Tue May 16 18:32:05 UTC 2017

*Don't miss out... a few seats are still available!*

2-Day Suricata Training

Denver, CO

*June 20-21, 2017*

*Members of Suricata's development team will demonstrate Suricata's dynamic
capabilities including:*

   -     Performance Factors, Rules, Rulesets
   -     Capture Methods and Performance
   -     Event / Data Outputs and Capture Hardware
   -     Troubleshooting Common Problems
   -     Tuning Techniques
   -     Rule Writing Fundamentals
   -     Advanced Rule Features and Writing Techniques
   -     Integration with Other Tools

*BONUS... hands-on exercises will also include:*

   - file extraction
   - log data correlation
   - tls
   - lua
   - xbits/flowbits
   - cpu affinity
   - memory consumption calculations
   - troubleshooting techniques
   - rule performance / profiling /suppression / bpf / bypass
   - writing signatures for HTTP,DNS, SSL, TLS, TOR
   - malware investigation in the following categories: trojan,
   phishing, ransomware, malicious documents, exploit kits, and targeted

*Thank you to OISF consortium member, ProtectWise, for sponsoring this

*Kelley Misata, Ph.D.*
*Executive Director*
*kmisata at oisf.net <kmisata at oisf.net>*
*www.oisf.net <http://www.oisf.net>*
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