[Oisf-users] Need some help with VRT Rules, and autoupdating with oinkmaster

David Woodfall dave at dawoodfall.net
Mon Oct 2 01:57:52 UTC 2017


I have just got started with suricata 4.0.0. I am not sure which VRT
rules I should be getting.

I grabbed snortrules-snapshot-29110.tar.gz a short while ago and
copied rules/*rules to /etc/suricata/rules then I did a 'cat
etc/sid-msg-map >> /etc/suricata/rules/sid-msg-map'.

I restarted suricata and saw no errors, so now I guess I'm waiting for
a rule match to occur in fast.log.

I have a cron.daily job running oinkmaster for emerging rules, and I
think I'm going to have to think a bit about how to merge the
sid-msg-map with the one supplied with VRT:

The cron.daily/oinkmaster command:
/usr/sbin/oinkmaster.pl -C /etc/oinkmaster.conf -o /etc/suricata/rules

url =

If anyone can give some hints/tips etc. I'd be very grateful.



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