[Oisf-users] [suricata]About rules question

7ym0n hackking at 126.com
Mon Apr 9 03:04:22 UTC 2018

HI all:
    When I was using suricata, I encountered the following problems. Using Google,bing didn't find a solution, How can solve this problem??
    1.How do I start a match from the reciprocal N bytes of a payload or buffer?
        http://localhost/?id=1&page=-1 union select 1,1,1,load_file(char(99,58,47,98,111,111,116,46,105,110,105))

    The match starts at the end of the uri:"116,46,105,110,105"

    2. cannot specify multiple HTTP keywords in the content?
    alert http any any -> any any (msg:"---(1)-test union select";content:"load_file";http_uri;http_client_body;nocase;classtype:test;sid:203456189;rev:1;)   
    it's not work!

    need to check whether there are related features in multiple fields in HTTP, and how to present them in a rule?

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