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Albert E Whale Albert.Whale at IT-Security-inc.com
Fri Mar 9 20:49:51 UTC 2018

What are you saying?  I have bridging, and tried to enabled nfq. What am I missing?

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> On Mar 9, 2018, at 3:01 PM, Leonard Jacobs <ljacobs at netsecuris.com> wrote:
> af-packet does its own bridging so you don't have to bridge at the interface level.
> Leonard
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> Subject: [Oisf-users] Running Suricata in nfqueue mode - no events logged 
> Ok, I have iptables confirmed and Configured.  I have Suricata set up 
> for nfq and using queue 0.
> In a matter of more than 10 minutes I have had 5 messages which were 
> logged to the fast.log file.  In comparison, I have hundreds of entries 
> in 10 minutes logged while running Suricata in af-packet mode.
> What makes Suricata ignore the packets in the NFQUEUE when running in 
> nfq mode?
> My current nfq settings are:
> nfq:
>   mode: accept
>   repeat-mark: 1
>   repeat-mask: 1
>   bypass-mark: 1
>   bypass-mask: 1
>   route-queue: 2
> #  batchcount: 20
>   fail-open: yes
> I want to run in IPS mode not IDS.  Is there something that needs 
> changed when switching from af-packet mode to nfq that I haven't already 
> done?  Do I need to switch my mode from accept to repeat?
> I have a Bridged interface and I also have provisioned the IPTables on 
> the INPUT and OUTPUT sections to forward the packets to queue 0.
> I have spent a day working with Chris from the list, and we have 
> reviewed and sanctioned the network and queue processing, I need 
> assistance with configuring Suricata to enable this.  (Or, do I need to 
> compile a version on this system running Ubuntu 16.04?
> Thank you all.
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