[Oisf-users] Can I run IPS inline with the AF_Packet mode?

Albert.Whale at IT-Security-inc.com Albert.Whale at IT-Security-inc.com
Sun Mar 11 17:18:31 UTC 2018

I am having serious doubts of NFQUEUE supporting the IPS design I have 
been following.  WHile I can get Suricata running and scanning 
information, the only information that I can see in the fast.log are for 
packets which as destined to this host (i.e. the LOCALHOST, or the IP 

I had AF_PACKET mode scanning and detecting Multiple issues a minute.  I 
was thinking that this is ONLY IDS Mode.  True or not?

I read the following in the Suricata.YAML which seems to indicate that 
Suricata can be running af-packet and IPS inline?

     # You can use the following variables to activate AF_PACKET tap or 
IPS mode.
     # If copy-mode is set to ips or tap, the traffic coming to the current
     # interface will be copied to the copy-iface interface. If 'tap' is 
set, the
     # copy is complete. If 'ips' is set, the packet matching a 'drop' 
     # will not be copied.
     copy-mode: ips


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