[Oisf-users] Suricata 4.1 beta1 packages are now available for Ubuntu on Ubuntu PPA (Launchpad).

Peter Manev petermanev at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 21:42:41 UTC 2018

Hi ,

Suricata 4.1 beta1 packages are now available for Ubuntu on Ubuntu PPA (

   - 14.04 Trusty
   - 16.04 Xenial
   - 17.10 Artful
   - 18.04 Bionic

 32 and 64 bit packages available with the following architectures -

   - amd64
   - armhf
   - arm64
   - ppc64el
   - i386

Some of the new additions in 4.1 beta1 include (available in the package)
the tools:

   - suricata-update
   - suricatactl (for use with filestore v2

You can also get some help of how to use the tools by doing
"suricata-update -h" or "suricatactl -h"

The packages are build-in with:

   - *IPS (nfqueue) *
*All JSON output
   - *GeoIP*
   - *Unix-Socket*
   - *Lua scripting*
   - *NSS(MD5)  enabled*
   - *PIE - Position Independent Executable *
*Redis enabled support *

The Ubuntu

   - 18.04 Bionic
   - 17.10 Artful

distribution packages are with Hyperscan enabled by default for extra
(Your CPU needs to have the SSSE3 flag. You can check with - cat
By community request there is also available "suricata-dbg" (Suricata with
enabled debug features) package ready to use out of the box install:
"sudo apt-get install suricata-dbg".

Suricata 4.1 beta1 is available from our *suricata-beta*  PPA repository.
More about Suricata 4.1 beta1 features and bug fixes:

How to:
Feedback is welcome!

Peter Manev
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