[Oisf-users] Packet not dropped?

Giuseppe Longo lists at glongo.it
Tue Nov 27 19:55:28 UTC 2018

> Il giorno 27 nov 2018, alle ore 18:39, James Moe <jimoe at sohnen-moe.com> ha scritto:
> On 27/11/2018 2.27 AM, Giuseppe Longo wrote:
>> Can you paste your iptables rule which contain NFQUEUE jump?
>  I do not know what "NFQUEUE jump" is.
>  How do I list its rule?

NFQUEUE jump is the iptables rule with ‘-j NFQUEUE’.
You can run ‘iptables -L’ to list iptables rules and then you
can see which rules has the NFQUEUE target.

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