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Cloherty, Sean E scloherty at mitre.org
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HI Peter –

Sorry for the late reply - I forgot to follow up on this.

It turned out that I had not been putting the files in the right path and then I moved the file and the filename was one character off.



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Hi –

I hope someone else has been using this feature and can lend me some advice.  I tried to break out some sections of the Suricata.yaml file and had no luck. I wanted to have the network and port variables in a separate file.  Networks change and it would be nice to just push out a new vars section by script all my servers.

I copied everything from “vars:” up to the next section and put that into its own file vars.yaml.  In suricata.yaml I put in vars: include vars.yaml in the place it had been.  That failed.

Can you please share that conf file(and the errs it subsequently generates) - I can try to help out.

Feel free to share privately  or mask out the networks - either way it’s good for me.

I’ve also tried vars: !include vars.yaml – that was in the docs, but I wasn’t clear what was being negated or why.  Either way, when I fire up Suricata (4.05) it gives all kinds of errors due to the vars not being defined.

Does the included file following the vars: head need to have the same vars: heading in it ?  Does the full path need to be part of the include statement?

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