[Oisf-users] xbits in EVE & unified2

Victor Julien lists at inliniac.net
Tue Apr 9 11:08:56 UTC 2019

Hi Champ!

On 08-04-19 17:31, Champ Clark III wrote:
> I was under the impression,  perhaps incorrectly,  that 'xbit' data gets
> stored in the Suricata EVE files.   For example,  if an 'xbit' gets
> 'set' or checked ('isset'),  is there an EVE record of that happening? 
> I've search by Suricata instances EVE files for 'xbits' an can't find
> any records of that.  However,  it might be that I haven't triggered any
> rules that have 'xbits' in them.   I'd like to see how this data get
> recorded. 

Inside Suricata, xbits are implemented as various other bits. Per host
bits (hostbits) and per IP Pair. These 2 variants are not logged in EVE
currently. Feel free to open a feature ticket.

> Secondly,  I know there are plans to depreciate 'unified2'.  Is there a
> target date for this.  

Yes, it's actually quite close: June this year which means we can
probably already throw it out in our git master.


Victor Julien
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