[Oisf-users] Suricata 5.0.1 released

Victor Julien vjulien at oisf.net
Fri Dec 13 15:22:00 UTC 2019

We're pleased to announce *Suricata 5.0.1*. This release fixes a number
of issues found in the 5.0 branch. There are still a number of open
issues that we are working on. See our 5.0.2 target here:

This release fixes a number of IPv4 and TCP evasion issues reported by
Nicolas Adba.

Get the release here:


Bug #1871: intermittent abort()s at shutdown and in unix-socket
Bug #2810: enabling add request/response http headers in master
Bug #3047: byte_extract does not work in some situations
Bug #3073: AC_CHECK_FILE on cross compile
Bug #3103: --engine-analysis warning for flow on an icmp request rule
Bug #3120: nfq_handle_packet error -1 Resource temporarily unavailable
Bug #3237: http_accept not treated as sticky buffer by --engine-analysis
Bug #3254: tcp: empty SACK option leads to decoder event
Bug #3263: nfq: invalid number of bytes reported
Bug #3264: EVE DNS Warning about defaulting to v2 as version is not set.
Bug #3266: fast-log: icmp type prints wrong value
Bug #3267: Support for tcp.hdr Behavior
Bug #3275: address parsing: memory leak in error path
Bug #3277: segfault when test a nfs pcap file
Bug #3281: Impossible to cross-compile due to AC_CHECK_FILE
Bug #3284: hash function for string in dataset is not correct
Bug #3286: TCP evasion technique by faking a closed TCP session
Bug #3324: TCP evasion technique by overlapping a TCP segment with a
fake packet
Bug #3328: bad ip option evasion
Bug #3340: DNS: DNS over TCP transactions logged with wrong direction.
Bug #3341: tcp.hdr content matches don't work as expected
Bug #3345: App-Layer: Not all parsers register TX detect flags that should
Bug #3346: BPF filter on command line not honored for pcap file
Bug #3362: cross compiling not affecting rust component of surrcata
Bug #3376: http: pipelining tx id handling broken
Bug #3386: Suricata is unable to get MTU from NIC after 4.1.0
Bug #3389: EXTERNAL_NET no longer working in 5.0 as expected
Bug #3390: Eve log does not generate pcap_filename when Interacting via
unix socket in pcap processing mode
Bug #3397: smtp: file tracking issues when more than one attachment in a tx
Bug #3398: smtp: 'raw-message' option file tracking issues with multi-tx
Bug #3399: smb: post-GAP some transactions never close
Bug #3401: smb1: 'event only' transactions for bad requests never close
Bug #3411: detect/asn1: crashes on packets smaller than offset setting
Task #3364: configure: Rust 1.37+ has cargo-vendor support bundled into
Documentation #2885: update documentation to indicate -i can be used
multiple times
Bundle Suricata-Update 1.1.1
Bundle Libhtp 0.5.32

*Special thanks*

Nicolas Adba, Alexander Gozman, Ciprian, Daisu, EmilienCourt, Fabrice
Fontaine, Pascal Delalande, Steven Hostetler, Wesley van der Ree, Jason


See https://suricata_events.eventbrite.com/ for the current list of
planned training sessions.

*About Suricata*

Suricata is a high performance Network Threat Detection, IDS, IPS and
Network Security Monitoring engine. Open source and owned by a community
run non-profit foundation, the Open Information Security Foundation
(OISF). Suricata is developed by OISF, its supporting vendors and the
Victor Julien
Suricata Lead Developer

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