[Oisf-users] [Ask] suricata filemd5 matching

Andreas Herz aherz at oisf.net
Fri Jul 5 20:29:57 UTC 2019

Hi Fathoni,

On 02/07/19 at 10:38, FATHONI ZEPTIAN EKA PURNOMO wrote:
> I am Fathoni as a student. I have some difficulties with Suricata md5 file
> matching. I have running suricata in IPS NFQ inline mode with some iptables
> configuration. But, the problem is suricata can't drop file. I tried to
> send a file with netcat scenario and before I sent the file, I already
> md5sum or calculate the md5 file and then write out in blacklist. I write
> rule like this "drop tcp any any -> any any (msg:"TCP: FILE MD5
> Found";filemd5:blacklist.txt; sid:10000003; rev:1;). Could u help me?

Could you provide us with more details about your setup?
What version are you running?
What are your iptables rules?
Config settings?
How do you start suricata?

Andreas Herz

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