[Oisf-users] Enabling EVE log

Hovsep Levi hovsep.sanjay.levi at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 18:58:54 UTC 2019

Hi all.

I'm trying to enable the EVE log in conjunction with fast.log and for some
reason it doesn't work.

The relevant config is below.  The only addition to my existing working
configuration was the addition of the eve-log section.

Thanks !

# Configure the type of alert (and other) logging you would like.

  # a line based alerts log similar to Snort's fast.log
  - fast:
      enabled: yes
      filename: fast.log
      append: yes
      #filetype: regular # 'regular', 'unix_stream' or 'unix_dgram'

  # Extensible Event Format (nicknamed EVE) event log in JSON format
  - eve-log:
      enabled: yes
      filetype: regular
      filename: eve-ips.json
        - alert
        - drop
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