[Oisf-users] Suricata and XDP

Nelson, Cooper cnelson at ucsd.edu
Sat Jun 22 00:11:58 UTC 2019

Ok that turned out to actually be a great idea, I just run suricata without the -D flag and monitor the output.

This is the specific error:

>30: (85) call bpf_trace_printk#6
unknown func bpf_trace_printk#6

>libbpf: -- END LOG --
libbpf: failed to load program 'loadbalancer'
libbpf: failed to load object '/etc/suricata/ebpf/lb.bpf'

Google tells me this is usually due to missing some EBPF features in the kernel, so I recompiled with everything enabled and rebuilt libbpf.  I’m still seeing the error.

Is there a canonical list of what needs to be enabled in order for all EBPF functions to be available?   Maybe you could send me your /proc/config.gz?  


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On Fri, 2019-06-21 at 21:20 +0000, Nelson, Cooper wrote:
> Still getting these errors:

You should see libbpf output here if Suricata can access stdout. I always get that on failure.

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