[Oisf-users] Does anybody test IMAP protocol dection under version 5.0.0-dev? I guess it may not work.

Ma Allen mazhh at outlook.com
Thu Mar 14 02:59:08 UTC 2019

In AppLayerParserRegisterProtocolParsers(),

    /** IMAP */
    AppLayerProtoDetectRegisterProtocol(ALPROTO_IMAP, "imap");​
    if (AppLayerProtoDetectConfProtoDetectionEnabled("tcp", "imap")) {​
        if (AppLayerProtoDetectPMRegisterPatternCS(IPPROTO_TCP, ALPROTO_IMAP,​
                                  "1|20|capability", 12, 0, STREAM_TOSERVER) < 0)​
            SCLogInfo("imap proto registration failure\n");​
    } else {​
        SCLogInfo("Protocol detection and parser disabled for %s protocol.",​

As AppLayerProtoDetectPMRegisterPatternCS() is used, 5.0.0-dev will use the pattern "capability" case-sensitively to detect whether the protocol is IMAP.
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