[Oisf-users] OPNids - Any thoughts?

Nelson, Cooper cnelson at ucsd.edu
Tue Mar 26 21:03:07 UTC 2019

And it uses docker, even better!

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Ok this is actually great news for me as I already have a mature sensor deployment, so it’s much easier for me to drop another open source product on top of it.  I’ll check it out and see how it works.


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Hi Coop,

Thanks for the input.
Yeah, I have been playing around with it in a VM only on my desktop.
My only disappointment was the MLE part of it. It is not what is advertise in OPNids project, it is basically just Suricata on an iso with couple other services, as I mentioned earlier.
They are using DragonFly MLE which in itself is an open source project which can be anyways integrated to any NSM that produces json logs. And OPNids DOES NOT include it.
MLE has to be downladed and installed manually on that iso, which forfeits the purpose.

We had migrated from using snort to suricata in production last year, and have been using it fine.
Just wanted to experiment with the Machine Learning with Suricata alerts.

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