[Oisf-users] Hardware specs for monitoring 100GB

Nelson, Cooper cnelson at ucsd.edu
Tue Nov 5 18:18:28 UTC 2019

Indeed, we are running into associated IO and licensing bottlenecks with the torrent of metadata that is produced.  I had to write an asynchronous spooler to copy stored files from a tmpfs partition to long-term storage, for example.  Our JSON logging is to a tmpfs partition as well.  


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We have recently experimented with AFPv2 IPS set up and Trex and were able to achieve 40Gbps throughput (Intel based CPU/NIC), (doc reminder for me) It is not always trivial esp at 100Gbps as it becomes a major single point of failure as well so there are a lot of caveats to consider and test(HA/Fail over/log writing/shipping etc..)

Peter Manev

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