[Oisf-users] [EXT] Re: Packet Fanout on CentOS 7?

Cloherty, Sean E scloherty at mitre.org
Mon Nov 18 13:50:31 UTC 2019

The NIC is a 10G dual port Intel Corporation 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ Network Connection (rev 01).  The driver is ixgbe 5.6.3.  I’ve attached the output in a text file.  The script used to start it includes the following from the class  –

##### NIC #####

### ens1f1

ifconfig ens1f1 down
ifconfig ens1f1 up

/usr/sbin/ethtool -L ens1f1 combined 16
/usr/sbin/ethtool -K ens1f1 rxhash on
/usr/sbin/ethtool -K ens1f1 ntuple on
/usr/sbin/ethtool -X ens1f1 hkey 6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A:6D:5A equal 16
/usr/sbin/ethtool -A ens1f1 rx off
/usr/sbin/ethtool -C ens1f1 adaptive-rx off adaptive-tx off rx-usecs 125
/usr/sbin/ethtool -G ens1f1 rx 1024

for proto in tcp4 udp4 tcp6 udp6 ; do /usr/local/sbin/ethtool -N ens1f1 rx-flow-hash $proto sdfn ; done

##### START #####
LD_PRELOAD="/usr/lib64/libtcmalloc_minimal.so.4" /usr/bin/suricata -c /etc/suricata/qm.yaml --af-packet=ens1f1 -vvv -D

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On 17 Nov 2019, at 02:46, Cloherty, Sean E <scloherty at mitre.org<mailto:scloherty at mitre.org>> wrote:

After taking the Advanced Deployment and Architecture class I was fired up with ideas for improvements in my own environment.  I want to use the cluster_qm mode and match worker/CPUs/RSS queues in CentOS 7.  Has anyone been able to get this working on CentOS 7 or should I start migrating to CentOS 8?  The kernel is 3.10.0-1062.4.1.el7.x86_64, running Suricata 5.0.0 and I was able to set the hash key and the hash functions correctly (I think) -

RSS hash key:
RSS hash function:
    toeplitz: on
    xor: off
    crc32: off

When I start Suricata all the messages look good until it gets to AFP when it gives me the message –

7/11/2019 -- 14:10:43 - <Notice> - all 16 packet processing threads, 4 management threads initialized, engine started.
7/11/2019 -- 14:10:43 - <Error> - [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_AFP_CREATE(190)] - Couldn't set fanout mode, error Invalid argument
7/11/2019 -- 14:10:43 - <Error> - [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_AFP_CREATE(190)] - Couldn't init AF_PACKET socket, fatal error
7/11/2019 -- 14:10:43 - <Error> - [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_FATAL(171)] - thread W#01-ens1f1 failed

I’ve never tried it CentOS 7 but would recommend trying  8.
What NIC is that ? (think you mentioned Intel but wasn’t sure what driver/model)

Just to be in the safe side - “-T” (test) run passes ok too? (And there are no other Suri running on the same interface ?)

I did take a look at the test script “can-i-use-afpacket-fanout” but my sensors have no internet connection so I am not able to use it via GO. Is there another way to run this if I downloading it manually ?


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