[Oisf-users] Suricata causes massive packet loss

Stefan Schantl stefan.schantl at ipfire.org
Sat Sep 7 12:26:13 UTC 2019

Hello Peter, Hello Coop, Hello *,
> Hi again Peter,
> I am absolutely not recommending shipping a beta release!  Rather,
> I'm suggesting you try it to see if it's an issue that has already
> been resolved as a sanity check.

I've build and uploaded an custom install-able ISO image, containing
the latest libhtp (0.5.30) and suricata 5.0.0-beta1.


@Peter, please test and report if any of these changes affects your
packet lost rate.
> Have you tried using libpcap instead of AF_PACKET as the capture
> mechanism?

Currently we are using IPtables to delegate the packets via netfilter
queue to suricata and to drop or re-inject them after scanning.

Best regards,


PS: Sorry for re-sending, I lacked to subscribe to the oisf-users
mailing list...
> -Coop
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> Subject: Re: [Oisf-users] Suricata causes massive packet loss
> Hello Nelson, hello Peter, hello *,
> thank you for your replies.
> Upgrading to Suricata 5.0-beta is a difficult task, as we cannot
> simply ship beta releases in our firewall distribution. Personally, I
> rather doubt this is an issue due to a kernel/library/...
> combination, as we use Suricata for quite a while now and are
> upgrading IPFire's distribution kernel on a regular basis.
> Anyway, Stefan (see CC) is currently working on Rust for the
> distribution, so we hope to take advantage of some more features
> soon. But since our issue is regarding packet loss for at least DNS
> and TLS traffic, I rather doubt Rust will make a big difference here.
> Changing from "workers" to "autofp" mode unfortunately did not solve
> the problem. It is good to know the latter is recommended for inline
> deployments, "workers" was about 0.5 % faster in our benchmarks.
> In IPFire, Suricata is started by a custom init script (please refer
> to 
> https://git.ipfire.org/?p=ipfire-2.x.git;a=blob;f=src/initscripts/system/suricata;h=5a567f2d7f4bfef90fabb11438bc5065e731f21c;hb=HEAD
> for its content) and appears like this in the process list:
> > [root at maverick ~]# ps aux | grep suricata
> > suricata  4882 10.9  7.3 1419868 289192 ?      Ssl  20:38   1:37
> > /usr/bin/suricata -c /etc/suricata/suricata.yaml -D -q 0 -q 1 -q 2
> > -q 3
> I am not sure what the number behind "tcp.pkt_on_wrong_thread" should
> read like normally. @Peter: Is it too low or too high?
> We will ship an update for libhtp as soon as possible, thank you for
> catching this.
> Thanks, and best regards,
> Peter Müller

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