[Oisf-users] Inquiry regarding Suricata detections.

Andreas Herz aherz at oisf.net
Fri Apr 17 20:42:38 UTC 2020

On 13/04/20 at 18:58, 이재규 wrote:
> First, If the same rule and the same packet are tested many times, the
> timestamp of the detected packet will be detected differently.
> Information other than the time stamp and flow_id match.  I want to
> know why the timestamp value was detected differently each time.

Can you give us more details, I can't reproduce that with your files.

> Second, When extracting files from ftp pcap, detection may not be
> possible.  Detects about once in a maximum of 10 inspection
> operations.  For testing, i used the same rules and the same pcap.
> (Pcap size is 94k and small size.) If detected and not, I want to know
> why it is displayed in the same pcap.

I did several runs, I always get the rule trigger and the file from

How do you run suricata exactly? (whole command line)

What OS do you use?

Andreas Herz

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