[Oisf-users] Latest stable/oldstable on Debian Buster

mohammad kashif kashif.alig at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 07:58:57 UTC 2020


I can compile and make Suricata 4.1.7/5.0.2 on Debian Buster and it works.
But now I want to move into production so looking for Debian stable package
so it can be installed on multiple sensors easily.
Suricata 5.0.2 is available in Debian testing repository but I don't want
to run Debian testing on production system.
I could not find Suricata 4.1.7/5.0.2 in Debian Backports either.  The
version available with Buster stable repo is quite old 4.1.2.
So I assume that I am left with the option of building package myself.  I
tried little bit with building 5.0.2 on buster but it didn't work.
Before I spent more time troubleshooting package building, I want to ask
people in this group whether any one successfully build Suricata package
either version 4.1.7 or 5.0.2 for Buster.
Is there any other way to find latest package for Debian Buster?

Any help would be really appreciated.


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