[Oisf-users] VMXNET3 interface

Tiago Faria tiago.faria.backups at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 15:19:41 UTC 2020

Hi list,

Wondering if anyone had issues running in IDS mode on a VMXNET3 interface
from an ESXi server.

I'm getting some very weird behavior, where I can't trigger detection on
most rules. Running 5.0.2 in AF-Packet with Large Receive Offload disabled,
as I read several reports of it causing problems in VMXNET3.

Any tips/pointers appreciated.

~# ethtool -k ens160
Features for ens160:
rx-checksumming: off
tx-checksumming: off
tx-checksum-ipv4: off [fixed]
tx-checksum-ip-generic: off
tx-checksum-ipv6: off [fixed]
tx-checksum-fcoe-crc: off [fixed]
tx-checksum-sctp: off [fixed]
scatter-gather: off
tx-scatter-gather: off
tx-scatter-gather-fraglist: off [fixed]
tcp-segmentation-offload: off
tx-tcp-segmentation: off [requested on]
tx-tcp-ecn-segmentation: off [fixed]
tx-tcp-mangleid-segmentation: off [requested on]
tx-tcp6-segmentation: off [requested on]
udp-fragmentation-offload: off
generic-segmentation-offload: off
generic-receive-offload: off
large-receive-offload: off
rx-vlan-offload: off
tx-vlan-offload: off
ntuple-filters: off [fixed]
receive-hashing: off
highdma: on
rx-vlan-filter: on [fixed]
vlan-challenged: off [fixed]
tx-lockless: off [fixed]
netns-local: off [fixed]
tx-gso-robust: off [fixed]
tx-fcoe-segmentation: off [fixed]
tx-gre-segmentation: off [fixed]
tx-gre-csum-segmentation: off [fixed]
tx-ipxip4-segmentation: off [fixed]
tx-ipxip6-segmentation: off [fixed]
tx-udp_tnl-segmentation: off [fixed]
tx-udp_tnl-csum-segmentation: off [fixed]
tx-gso-partial: off [fixed]
tx-sctp-segmentation: off [fixed]
tx-esp-segmentation: off [fixed]
fcoe-mtu: off [fixed]
tx-nocache-copy: off
loopback: off [fixed]
rx-fcs: off [fixed]
rx-all: off [fixed]
tx-vlan-stag-hw-insert: off [fixed]
rx-vlan-stag-hw-parse: off [fixed]
rx-vlan-stag-filter: off [fixed]
l2-fwd-offload: off [fixed]
hw-tc-offload: off [fixed]
esp-hw-offload: off [fixed]
esp-tx-csum-hw-offload: off [fixed]
rx-udp_tunnel-port-offload: off [fixed]
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