[Oisf-users] Converting rules from Snort to Suricata and ??

David Decker x.faith at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 23:16:04 UTC 2020

I am taking a bunch of rules built by the organization (not me) and trying
to convert them over to Suricata

One issues is alot of rules are saying unknown rule keyword
'stream_reassemble' and i know that Snort has that keyword, but does not
look like Suricat does.

Second is offset for snort the numbers can be -65535 to 65535.  For
Suricata is says
18446744073709551604 > 65535.  This had -12 offset.

http_method pattern with trailing space is another.

http_method or http_uri Keyword seen with a sticky buffer still set.  Reset
sticky buffer with pkt_data before using the modifier.

Cant really post the the full rules, but I might be albe to provide a
little more data, or if sometone can point to some better explanations on
what to look at in the rule as for the above errors
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