[Oisf-devel] Run your own Suricata QA

Eric Leblond eric at regit.org
Tue Apr 7 18:06:04 UTC 2015


PRscript is a script which is starting a series of builds and tests on
the OISF-run buildbot. PRscript is accessible to some referenced
developers and a successful run is required to be able to submit the
Pull Request. It has helped the developers to ensure a minimal quality
of their code before submitting it to Victor Julien via Github.

Our experience with that system has shown that it was really speeding up
the development and review process. So we've decided to offer this kind
of capabilities to all the potential developers via a local buildbot.
I've used docker (https://www.docker.com/) to build a ready to use
container image and updated the prscript to provide commands to handle
this transparently.

The configuration is automatic, run the following command once from
suricata source directory to download and create the container:
 sudo qa/prscript.py -C
then you can start it:
 sudo qa/prscript.py -s

To submit a build of your local branch:
 qa/prscript.py -d -l YOUR_BRANCH -n

'-n' option is not mandatory but will provide a desktop notification
upon build completion ;)

The builds and tests are local as they are only using the code on your
host to do the build.

You can get more information OISF redmine wiki page:

I highly recommend to run the test builds before proposing patches via
Github as it will help you to improve your code quality and help the
code review process.

Victor Julien has merged the code today so you can access these new
system by just rebasing your code and following the instructions of the
wiki page.

The build and test process can be easily customized to adapt to you
need. Please check the following links if you need to do so.

More information:
      * PRscript:
      * "Run your own Suricta QA" post on Stamus Networks blog:
      * Wiki page on OISF redmine:

Best regards,
Eric Leblond <eric at regit.org>
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