[Oisf-users] Performance on multiple CPUs

Gene Albin gene.albin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 03:20:45 UTC 2011

So I just installed Suricata on one of our research computers with lots of
cores available.  I'm looking to see what kind of performance boost I get as
I bump up the CPU's. After my first run I was surprised to see that I didn't
get much of a boost when going from 8 to 32 CPUs.  I was running a 6GB pcap
file with a about 17k rules loaded.  The first run on 8 cores took 190sec.
The second run on 32 cores took 170 sec.  Looks like something other than
CPU is the bottle neck.

My first guess is Disk IO.  Any recommendations on how I could check/verify
that guess?


Gene Albin
gene.albin at gmail.com
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