[Oisf-users] Tuning Suricata (2.0beta1) -- no rules and lots of packet loss

Tritium Cat tritium.cat at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 18:11:20 UTC 2013

Re: hardware queues.  I know that is the case from testing as I was using
12 queues per port to distribute the four ports among 48 cores.  See [1]
for reference "16 hardware queues per port".  Before you dismiss that as
unofficial documentation those vendors typically cut/paste right from the
vendor docs.  I'm trying to find the specific quote from the Intel
documentation but I cannot find it at the moment.  As I understood it, that
is the benefit to multi-port cards such as the Silicom 6-port 10G card,
more hardware queues.

[1] http://www.avadirect.com/product_details_parts.asp?PRID=15550

Re: Interrupt balancing.  Yep, that's how I achieved manual IRQ balancing
prior to your suggestion to use irqbalance; by modifying
set_irq_affinity.sh to adjust accordingly.  See initial post and

I think maybe the recent trend of recommending irqbalance over
set_irq_balance was because of this possibly overlooked aspect; I went with
your advice anyhow.

Re: FdirMode/FdirPbAlloc, see below and see [2].

[2] http://www.ntop.org/products/pf_ring/hardware-packet-filtering/

Thanks for trying all but at this point I need time to pour over everything
I've tried combined with everything I've learned in this thread.




Intel(R) Ethernet Flow Director
NOTE: Flow director parameters are only supported on kernel versions 2.6.30
or later.

Supports advanced filters that direct receive packets by their flows to
different queues. Enables tight control on routing a flow in the platform.
Matches flows and CPU cores for flow affinity. Supports multiple parameters
for flexible flow classification and load balancing.

Flow director is enabled only if the kernel is multiple TX queue capable.

An included script (set_irq_affinity) automates setting the IRQ to CPU

You can verify that the driver is using Flow Director by looking at the counter
in ethtool: fdir_miss and fdir_match.

Other ethtool Commands:
To enable Flow Director
	ethtool -K ethX ntuple on
To add a filter
	Use -U switch. e.g., ethtool -U ethX flow-type tcp4 src-ip action 1
To see the list of filters currently present:
	ethtool -u ethX

The following two parameters impact Flow Director.

Valid Range: 1-3 (1=64k, 2=128k, 3=256k)
Default Value: 1

  Flow Director allocated packet buffer size.

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