[Oisf-users] Question about Suricata installation

Victor Julien lists at inliniac.net
Tue Jun 25 09:42:06 UTC 2013

On 06/25/2013 09:22 AM, Vi Le Quoc. Vo wrote:
> I’m trying to install Suricate 1.4.3 with option --enable-nfqueue, but I
> got problem as follow
> checking for nfq_open in -lnetfilter_queue... no
> checking for nfq_set_queue_maxlen in -lnetfilter_queue... no
> checking for nfq_set_verdict2 in -lnetfilter_queue... no
> checking for nfq_set_queue_flags in -lnetfilter_queue... no
> checking for signed nfq_get_payload payload argument... no
>    ERROR!  libnetfilter_queue library not found, go get it
>    from www.netfilter.org.
>    we automatically append libnetfilter_queue/ when searching
>    for headers etc. when the --with-libnfq-includes directive
>    is used
> I have already installed successfully libnfnetlink, libnetfilter_queue
> at /usr/local/include/libnetfilter_queue/

You will probably also have to pass the following options to ./configure:

  --with-libnfnetlink-includes=DIR  libnfnetlink include directory
  --with-libnfnetlink-libraries=DIR    libnfnetlink library directory
  --with-libnetfilter_queue-includes=DIR  libnetfilter_queue include
  --with-libnetfilter_queue-libraries=DIR    libnetfilter_queue library

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