[Oisf-users] file extraction didn't work on Ubuntu 12.04/Suri-2.0

Shawn citypw at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 17:27:01 UTC 2014

On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 3:47 PM, Peter Manev <petermanev at gmail.com> wrote:
> Can you please post the output of :
> suircata --build-info
This is Suricata version 2.0 RELEASE
SIMD support: SSE_4_2 SSE_4_1 SSE_3
Atomic intrisics: 1 2 4 8 16 byte(s)
64-bits, Little-endian architecture
GCC version 4.6.3, C version 199901
compiled with -fstack-protector
compiled with _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
L1 cache line size (CLS)=64
compiled with LibHTP v0.5.10, linked against LibHTP v0.5.10
Suricata Configuration:
  AF_PACKET support:                       yes
  PF_RING support:                         no
  NFQueue support:                         yes
  IPFW support:                            no
  DAG enabled:                             no
  Napatech enabled:                        no
  Unix socket enabled:                     no
  Detection enabled:                       yes

  libnss support:                          no
  libnspr support:                         no
  libjansson support:                      no
  Prelude support:                         no
  PCRE jit:                                no
  libluajit:                               no
  libgeoip:                                no
  Non-bundled htp:                         no
  Old barnyard2 support:                   no
  CUDA enabled:                            no

  Suricatasc install:                      yes

  Unit tests enabled:                      no
  Debug output enabled:                    no
  Debug validation enabled:                no
  Profiling enabled:                       no
  Profiling locks enabled:                 no
  Coccinelle / spatch:                     yes

Generic build parameters:
  Installation prefix (--prefix):          /usr/local/suricata
  Configuration directory (--sysconfdir):  /usr/local/suricata/etc/suricata/
  Log directory (--localstatedir) :        /usr/local/suricata/var/log/suricata/

  Host:                                    x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
  GCC binary:                              gcc
  GCC Protect enabled:                     yes
  GCC march native enabled:                yes
  GCC Profile enabled:                     no

> These values in your yaml -
> request-body-minimal-inspect-size: 320kb
> request-body-inspect-window: 409kb
> response-body-minimal-inspect-size: 320kb
> response-body-inspect-window: 400kb
> Can you please put them back to the default values and try again?
hey Peter, I tried it again and it doesn't work still. Thanks.

> thanks
> --
> Regards,
> Peter Manev

GNU powered it...
GPL protect it...
God blessing it...

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