[Oisf-users] Place to install Suricata

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I think the fortigate is not enough strong in alert, analyse, APT...  and also monitoring.
If i am wrong please point me the right direction.

Thanks &regards

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Hello Minh,
Why don’t you use FortiGate? For what specific purpose do you need Suricata?
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Hi experts,

My network as below:
                                                                                                                                            Internet line     
Switch(Cisco 2960)
       VPN 1 line <------+--------- Firewalls(Fortinet) -------+--------> VPN 2 line
Core switches
|             |
|             |
                        LAN       VMware system(ESX)

Is this possible to place Suricata on vmware ? which spec i need to
configuration for this machine? I want to capture all from Internet line, how to
configuration Suricata  to listen everything on Router, how configuration
router look like?
Any help is appreciated,

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