[Oisf-users] Having Problem with Oinkmaster updating signatures

Leonard Jacobs ljacobs at netsecuris.com
Thu Nov 5 00:18:43 UTC 2015

I am having the following problem with Oinkmaster only on one installation.  See the following error message.

Downloading file from http://rules.emergingthreats.net/open/suricata/emerging.rules.tar.gz... done.

gzip: /tmp/oinkmaster.CJK4MPEc0t/url.X5GLRSvTRk/snortrules.tar.gz: not in gzip format

/usr/sbin/oinkmaster: Error: http://rules.emergingthreats.net/open/suricata/emerging.rules.tar.gz: integrity check on gzip file failed (file transfer failed or file in URL not in gzip format?).

Oink, oink. Exiting...

I have tried everything I can think of to solve this problem.  I am not having this problem on any other installations.  I am confused on why the error mentions snortrules.  I checked the oinkmaster.conf and cannot see a problem.  I even tried downloading the update file and placing it in the conf file but running oinkmaster still fails.


Leonard Jacobs

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