[Oisf-users] DAG integration, massive number of checksum failures

Brian Keefer chort at effu.se
Fri Oct 9 19:34:12 UTC 2015

Hoping someone will have tips. I have have a DAG 9.2X2 with 10G fiber on each port (A & B). The aggregate is about 5Gbps right now. slen is set to 9728 for each stream, although I don’t think the actual network has any jumbo frames.

Suricata is generating a massive amount of invalid checksum alerts across every protocol, similar to what it would look like on a copper card if checksum offloading was enabled on the card. The problem is I can’t find any option on the DAG card to disable checksum calculation for RX packets (there are options for TX, but I think that only applies to packets it’s replaying back onto the wire).



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