[Oisf-users] running Suricata on cisco ucs

Risto Vaarandi Risto.Vaarandi at seb.ee
Wed Oct 21 09:35:09 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Few days ago, I was offered unused cisco UCS servers for running Suricata. Since UCS hardware should accept any recent Linux distribution without issues, my plan is to install centos7 on top of an UCS server and use it for running Suricata. However, the UCS boxes have vic1340 network adapters, and I was wondering how well are they suited for packet capture in 10Gbit/s networks. I know that Intel 10Gbit/s network cards that use the 'ixgbe' driver are the best option for Suricata, and all my other installations are relying on Intel cards.

Does anyone has any experience with Suricata on UCS platform with vic1340, and how well does this combination work? If this is something that is not recommended, I'd go with Intel nework card and 'ixgbe'.

Kind regards,

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