[Oisf-users] Adapting pulledpork for suricata

James Moe jimoe at sohnen-moe.com
Fri Dec 16 17:00:18 UTC 2016

  suricata 3.2
  pullpedpork 0.7.3
  linux 4.4.36-8-default x86_64

  I have been attempting to replace oinkmaster with pulledpork, without
success. Apparently PP is designed specifically for snort.
  Below is the output from PP. It fetched the rules archive, did
something, complained a bit, and provided no output, changing nothing.
  Can anyone suggest what specific changes to the PP config file work
for Suricata?

Use of uninitialized value $Snort_path in -B at
/usr/local/bin/pulledpork.pl line 1773.
Use of uninitialized value $Snort in pattern match (m//) at
/usr/local/bin/pulledpork.pl line 1982.
Use of uninitialized value $Snort in pattern match (m//) at
/usr/local/bin/pulledpork.pl line 1986.
Checking latest MD5 for emerging.rules.tar.gz....
	They Match
Fly Piggy Fly!

James Moe
moe dot james at sohnen-moe dot com

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